My personal projects are available at my GitHub. Collaborative works can be found at my GitLab.

EPS system in the CubeSat standard

Developing now

The aim of the project is to build a robust space-proof electric power system for small aerospace devices. Emphasizes redundant design and test driven development for embedded software.

Used technologies:

Copper grains classification

February 2020

Classification of copper grains based on active thermography and neural networks. Consists in data gathering with thermal camera, data analysis, neural network design and method evaluation. My bachelor’s degree project and topic of my thesis.

Used technologies:

Source available at GitHub.

Project Based Learning – ATV with semi-active suspension system

October 2019

The project I undertook in form of individual course of studies for one semester. The scope of the project was to mathematically model an ATV vehicle, identify model parameters and synthesise an adaptive digital filter for suspension control.

The project summary and results are covered in the PM News magazine (ISNN 2544-3771).

High altitude balloon embedded software

June 2019

Embedded Linux software for interfacing with temperature sensor and AHRS system. Includes data sharing system in form of local web sockets.

Used technologies:

Source available at GitHub: frames publisher, AHRS reader, temperature reader.

Maze Bot

January 2019

My semester project for embedded systems subject. Consist of building an obstacle avoiding robot with emphasis on control theory algorithms for enhanced maneuver precision. Features custom electronic, electric and mechanical design.

Used technologies:

Source available GitHub.

Pi Observer

November 2018

Remote control and surveillance system for RaspberryPi. Features remote GPIO access, temperature, humidity, altitude, pressure and GPS logging. System control and data inspection via web server, uses interactive charts, tables and Google Maps for data visualisation. Features live camera streaming and web preview.

Used technologies:

Source available at GitHub.

Other small software

Many more small projects are available at my GitHub:

2020-03-24 – Vim LSP and autocompletion
2020-02-19 – Simple static blogger